The Remortgage Process

When you remortgage your property you’ll want the services of a firm that is expert in Conveyancing to
help you complete the legal side of the transaction smoothly and efficiently. This guide helps to explain
what is involved with each stage of the process


  1. Advise your property professional to
    instruct your conveyancer of choice.
  2. Your conveyancer accepts your case
    (usually within 24 hours). They will send you a
    client care pack for you to fill in and return.
    Please note – the conveyancer is unable to start work
    until they receive this back~
  3. Your completed client care pack is received
    by your conveyancer — work can now start
    on your case.
  4. ID requirements satisfied
    Your identification is received and your conveyancer
    will check to ensure it satisfies requirements.
  5. Mortgage Offer Received
    Your conveyancer has received a copy of your new
    mortgage offer. They can now proceed towards
    completion of your remortgage by obtaining
    redemption figures for your existing mortgage
    (if applicable).
  6. Redemption Figures Received
    Your conveyancer has received confirmation
    of the amount required to pay off your existing
    mortgage (if applicable).
  7. Mortgage Deed Sent to Client
    This is a legal document required by your new
    mortgage lender. You will need to sign this together
    with a witness, and return it to your conveyancer before
    the remortgage can complete.
  8. Mortgage Deed Received Back
    This is confirmation that your conveyancer has
    received your signed mortgage deed back.
  9. Completion Date Set
    Once everything has been received and checked
    by your conveyancer, they will set a date to complete
    your remortgage.
  10. Case Completed
    On the day of completion, your conveyancer will
    receive the money from your new lender and use it to
    pay off your existing mortgage , the redemption fees
    and any administrative charges (if applicable). If you
    have decided to raise additional funds during your
    remortgage , the surplus fees will be paid to you
    at this stage.

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