While insuring our homes, telephones and even our lives, we tend to forget about protection that will support your finances when you can’t work because of illness. This is how critical illness insurance works – this is a type of protection that, if illness diagnosed, will help you receive a tax-free lump-sum to cover the costs of treatment or replace income that you lose as a result of being unable to work.

Critical illness insurance can take various forms, e.g. insurance, whose final amount increases with inflation, protection that is associated with your mortgage and decreases as mortgage debt decreases or critical illness insurance combined with life protection.

Remember: during the application the insurer will ask about your family’s medical history, amount of cigarettes smoked and alcohol consumed as well as other personal data. At this stage you must provide true information – otherwise your insurer may reject any claim you make.

Family income benefit (FIB) is a type of affordable life insurance that helps take a load off the client’s mind that, in the event of an unexpected, their family would also have to deal with financial problems. This protection ensures regular income for your loved ones if you die during the term of the plan. The total amount paid by the policy depends on when the customer dies.

Family benefits can be particularly attractive for young families who want to secure their children until they reach the age of majority. Such insurance is also beneficial for customers who have a mortgage, as well as for single parents and carers of children and adults, where regular income from the benefit could cover the cost of renting an apartment, medical care or current bills.